The spying eyes behind the screens — Internet of Behaviour (IoB)

During this pandemic, it become much harder to eat finger-licking dishes from our favourite places. We are afraid to go outside and also doubtful to order it online. Because how do we know that the delivery guy is healthy and there is no chance for infection while coming in contact with them. So leading food delivery sites like Swiggy or Zomato took care of this issue by broadcasting the temperature of the delivery guy to ensure customers safety.

The Internet of Behaviour (IoB) is the latest emerging Technology that helps to gather client behaviour, their interests, and choices. IoB works to comprehend the users’ data to promote and innovate new technologies and services according to human psychology. They will study everyday routines and behaviour without unveiling privacy. Customer data is fetched through websites, social media, smart bands and many other devices. Companies analyse this data and strategise their services according to your needs. For example, if you visit a website to shop makeup products on a timely basis you will be getting ads on their offers and announcements.

IoB definitely helps online businesses to improve their services and customer base. They can easily analyse their targeted customers and innovate new ideas. Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are actively using this technology.

And an important field which I felt quite interesting is the insurance industry. Driver tracking tools are implemented in there in the sectors to monitor and prevent drunk driving, drug driving and even abort the chances of underage or retired persons from causing accidents.

Technologies like this emerge day by day creating a wow factor among the public. This is just an example of fast-changing technology trends. As soon as you will get to know there is an updated version of every technology that you are currently using, you will feel you are left behind the technology track. Anyways it will be an amazing idea to keep track of these emerging latest trends. However, as IoB is trending it still rise the question that whether private data will be used or not.

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